Start Squatting for the Best Poop of Your Life with the Squatty Potty

We’re gonna be real from the outset—pooping is a wonderful feeling. It’s a natural body process that brings epic relief. But it turns out pooping’s more of an art than we once believed. And that thought isn’t just the idle rants of those with scatological obsessions.

Enter: the Squatty Potty, a miracle pooping product that ensures you’re squatting as opposed to sitting when you’re eliminating. It’s been lovingly featured on The Dr. Oz Show and Shark Tank. But why all the fuss?

Let’s investigate.

The Science Behind the Squatty Potty

As humans, we were built to squat.

Really, it’s true. There are all kinds of fancy scientific studies that prove it. But if you want the quickie summation—you may be breezing through this article while on the toilet, after all—here’s the gist:

Fecal matter chills out within a bend in your colon prior to making its grand debut at your anus opening. The Puborectalis Muscle is what ensures you don’t make a mess of yourself until you’ve decided it’s time to defecate. It’s great for keeping things in order while you’re sitting and not pooping, but its presence is less than ideal when you’re sitting and actually trying to make a grand poopy performance.

There is an ideal way to send your little brown friends down the potty, though—with a squat. Squatting is the “sweet spot” when it comes to using the toilet and is the only way your Puborectalis Muscle can fully straighten out, unlocking your full, miraculous pooping potential without any strain.

Contrarily, when you use a conventional, “modern” toilet, you’re really not treating yourself well. The throne most of us are used to mounting in the bathroom provides five primary problems that health professionals, naturopaths, and medical doctors all agree on:

  1. Constipation (The National Institutes of Health approximate that between 4-10 million Americans alone have chronic constipation.)
  2. Hemorrhoids
  3. Colon disease
  4. Urinary difficulty and/or infection
  5. Pelvic floor issues

However, all these problems can be solved through the steadfast use of the Squatty Potty.

How the Squatty Potty’s Designed to Help You

Get ready to send your stool rocketing out of your pooper with supreme gusto thanks to these breakthrough design elements baked into the Squatty Potty:

1. Elevated knees—the Squatty Potty helps you keep your knees above your hips, creating a natural squatting pose.

2. Ergonomic position—your feet will be perched in such a manner that you’ll stay wonderfully comfy.

3. Space-saving construction—you can tuck the Squatty Potty under and around your toilet when you’re done with the deed!

4. No-slip rubber grips—the rubber feet on the bottom of the Squatty Potty ensure there are no mishaps as you go “bombs away.”

There’s so much to love about the Squatty Potty. Experience the nirvana of truly free-flowing defecation yourself. Oh, and be sure to watch what’s been called “the greatest viral ad in Internet history”—you won’t be disappointed.


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