Exercising On The Move: Baby Stroller Workouts

Let’s face it, as a new parent you’re always on the move. It’s hard enough to find time for the basics, and even harder to make time for exercise. At HipFit, we get it. Mom, don’t let your new baby stop you from getting the exercise you’re craving. Exercise releases endorphins so you feel ready to tackle anything. Dad, put your little one in her stroller and head outdoors for that evening power walk. While you’re out, tackle this set of core exercises used by fitness enthusiasts and athletes around the globe to get fit and look great.

We’ll show you squats, lunges and calf raises that are so simple they can be done anywhere, anytime, even behind a stroller. These micro-workouts take just a minute or two, so your baby won’t get bored while you’re working out.

Baby Stroller Lunges

What’s In It For Me: You and your biggest little fan get to go toe-to-toe while you work those quadriceps, calves and buttocks. You can enjoy your little man while he giggles at you, and he gets to enjoy watching the up-down motion of the lunges. Babies like a lot of motion, and he’ll enjoy tracking you with his eyes. These are static lunges. They begin like a forward lunge, but instead of propelling yourself forward, you return to the start position and repeat the exercise.

How To Do It: Stand one body-length away from the stroller, facing the baby. Take a wide step forward with your right leg and position both knees with a 90 degree bend. Focus on your front knee, keeping it over your ankle while your back knee heads to the ground, heel lifted. Switch focus to your back leg, push off and step your feet together without moving forward. Do several repetitions, then repeat the motion with the opposite leg.

Baby Stroller Walking Lunges

What’s In It For Me: Out for a walk? Great! That’s a perfect time to take it up a notch with these baby stroller walking lunges. Here’s a high octane micro-workout that your baby will enjoy because of all your movement. It’s fun it’s fast and your quads and glutes will be burning. Take it as fast as you want but keep your back straight and don’t over-extend. Form is important as you work the large muscle groups in your legs.

How To Do It: Take hold of the stroller at arms length. Stand tall and look straight ahead. Take a long step forward with your right leg and position both knees with a 90 degree bend. Focus on your front knee, keeping it over your ankle while your back knee heads to the ground, heel lifted. Switch focus to your back leg, push off and step your feet together. Propel yourself forward and alternate the motions to the other leg and repeat.

Baby Stroller Squats

What’s In It For Me: Squats provide a total lower body workout and our version includes your baby. You’ll work the major muscle groups of the butt, hips and thighs. Squats are great because you can do the compound movements without weights just about anywhere. If you struggle with balance, hang on to the baby stroller handle as you descend. As your balance improves you can let go of the handle and use it only as needed.

How To Do It: Begin this exercise by standing tall with your feet slightly wider than your shoulders. Reach for the stroller handle with a slight bend in your elbows. Inhale and lower your body down, simulating the action required to sit in a chair. Keep your back straight, concentrate your weight over your heels and tuck your navel in tightly. Exhale and return to the standing position. There’s no hurry; take your time and focus on your breathing.

Baby Stroller Arm Scissors

What’s In It For Me: HipFit’s baby stroller arm scissors do double duty for your fitness routine; they’re a pectoral stretch and a shoulder and upper back workout too. You might think arm scissors don’t look like much, but we challenge you to say that after completing a 3-minute set. Swing the stroller around and let your toddler watch. Maybe they’ll mimic you, getting a head start on their own fitness. Add these arm scissors to loosen up, reduce stress and stretch.

How To Do It: Extend your arms in front of you at shoulder height and lock your elbows. Swing both arms out to your side, keeping them straight. As you bring them back in front of you, criss-cross them, one over the other. Be careful not to drop your arms lower than shoulder-height and keep your palms facing down during this vigorous exercise. Do three 1-minute sets, working your way up to going for three consecutive minutes without stopping.

Baby Stroller Calf Raises

What’s in it for me: Develop lower leg muscle tone and symmetry with baby stroller calf raises. So often, we focus on the muscles in our upper legs and neglect our calves. We want you to look great in those new heels, your running shorts or that cocktail dress. Strengthen the muscles that help maintain your skeletal structure and improve balance and alignment. Take a couple minutes during your next walk with your baby and tone those calves with these calf raises.

How to do it: Give yourself permission to perform this exercise in small, subtle movements. You’re engaging a small muscle group with calf raises, but don’t kid yourself, you’re making a big difference. Stand with your feet flat on the ground and hold the stroller handle with at least one hand for balance. Lift your heels up off the ground to stand on your tip-toes. Hold the position for two seconds then lower your heels to the ground.

Baby Stroller Calf Raises Hold

What’s in it for me: Calf raises are a great exercise for both men and women. Nobody wants asymmetrical muscle tone between upper and lower leg muscle groups. This versatile micro-workout can be made more intense by standing on the edge of a curb while you’re out pushing the baby stroller. You’ll feel the benefits of this version of calf raises when you hold the position for much longer than you would with traditional calf raises.

How to do it: First, we want you to warm your calves with a brief walk and gentle stretches. This will help prevent the onset of cramping as you flex your calves while doing this workout. Find flat ground or make it more intense by standing with your toes on the leading edge of a curb. You’ll mimic the mechanics of a traditional calf raise as you raise your heels off the ground and stand on your tip-toes. Instead of dropping back to the ground after two seconds, this micro-workout requires you to hold the elevated position for 5-10 seconds.

Baby Stroller Leg Raises

What’s In It For Me: Consider leg raises as one of the indispensable exercises in your fitness regimen. Work your glutes and improve quadricep stability and stronger knees with these baby stroller leg raises. Don’t let your baby get in the way of improving your fitness level. Take advantage of those afternoons when you’re out walking with your baby in the stroller and get that workout done! Stabilize your body by holding the stroller handle if you have difficulty with balance during exercise.

How To Do It: Stand tall, to the side of your stroller and hold the handle with one hand. Place the other hand on your hip. Stiffen your top leg and simply raise it to the clouds. Avoid swinging and thrusting your leg up, just take it easy and raise it as high as you can. Keep your hips aligned- not tilted too far forward. Regardless of how limited your range of motion may be at first, everyone benefits the same by strengthening your quads and opening the hip flexors.

Whether you’re out on a quick trip to the grocery store with your baby in the stroller or you’re spending the whole afternoon in the park, HipFit’s stroller exercises give you all the encouragement you need to stay active, get those workouts done and improve your fitness level. Dedicate just a few minutes each time you leave the house with your little ones and squat, lunge and stretch your way to a healthier you.

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