2 Shower Stretches That Could Be Quite Embarrassing, IF You Get Caught

Legendary motivator Zig Ziglar once said, “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.”

Take it from Zig and use your daily shower time to get motivated. Kick start your day with some gentle stretches in the comfort of your own shower. Hipfit’s shower stretches will warm your muscles and get the blood flowing. You could reward yourself as the day ends- slow your roll after a busy day and let the billowing steam of a hot shower envelop you while you stretch.

Here are two standing stretches that you can do in the privacy of your shower-one for the lower body and one for the upper body- that feel good and provide gentle relief to some large muscle groups. Don’t worry about how you look while you stretch. After all, nobody is looking, right?

Drop The Soap – Hamstring Stretch

What’s in it for me: Like so many other stretches, this one is a ‘twofer.’ You’ll stretch tight hamstrings while also working your glutes. Athletes aren’t the only ones that benefit from this stretch. If your job involves long periods of staying seated, or if you have less-than-perfect posture, this stretch is for you. Take it slow at first, since you’re starting from a squat, barefoot in a slippery wet shower.

How to do it: Squat down with your knees bent and arch your back. Put your fingers under your toes of both feet and grip your toes. Raise your bottom and slowly straighten your knees. You’re standing up slowly now, with your fingers still gripping your toes. You’ll feel the stretch up through the back of your thighs and into your glutes. If you’re doing this for the first time, you don’t have to achieve full extension. Hold the position for 15 seconds. If you’re feeling discomfort, bend your knees a little bit.

Shower Wall Chest Stretch

What’s in it for me: We tend to think of our chest and shoulders as a part of our body with a lot of bone, cartilage and connective tissue. It’s a mistake to neglect a good chest wall stretch. As you sit for long periods, you tend to compress and deflate your chest, and shrug your shoulders. If you commute long distances or sit at a desk all day, try this one. With this stretch, you’ll use the whole length of your shower or tub wall.

How to do it: Stand with your back to the shower glass, facing the wall. Bend both elbows 90 degrees and place your palms and forearms against the wall. Lean your body forward, touching your chest against the wall. You’ll feel a comfortable stretch up through your collarbone. For a deeper stretch, position your body in the corner of the shower enclosure and rest one arm on each adjoining wall. This creates a deeper pocket for your torso as you lean forward. Hold for 30 seconds.

Whether you use these standing stretches to motivate a healthy start to a busy day, or as a way to wind down afterward, take advantage of a few minutes of private time to stretch your upper and lower body with these standing shower stretches. Take it from Zig Ziglar and practice motivation daily, just the same as you stretch.

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