These Workouts Will Make The Most of Your Bathroom Time

We all start- and end- our day in the bathroom, and most of us visit it frequently throughout the day. ABC News reported that according to a recent study, Americans spend an average of one hour a day primping, preening and taking care of business in the bathroom. So often, we make excuses for why we can’t make extra time to exercise. Great news! HipFit has created no less than 11 micro-workouts for you to do right in the bathroom. We’ll show you how to multi-task during your shower and how to get a quick workout while you’re brushing your teeth or even just gargling. Then there’s that other reason we all use the bathroom- to sit on the toilet. You guessed it, HipFit will show you how to make the most of that, too. Sitting on the can doesn’t have to be wasted time.

Just keep an open mind and let us show you some exercises that you can do during your morning routine, or in between meetings in the middle of the day. Wind down with us at the end of the day and turn that otherwise idle bathroom time into a productive micro-workout.

Toilet Time

It’s our sanctuary- those precious few minutes of quiet solitude where we are left alone to sit on the toilet and take care of Mother Nature. As much as we enjoy the peace and quiet, too often it can feel like wasted time. Whether you have to make it quick, or you can afford a little extra time, sitting on the toilet is a perfect opportunity to get a quick micro-workout done. Sit up tall and work on your posture while doing some arm stretches. Work on your hand strength and dexterity with finger flicks. Touch your toes and stretch your back. We’ll show you how. The point is, you don’t have to just sit there.

This Is Why The Toilet is Perfect For Your Next Micro-Workout

Shower Time

Whether you prefer a morning shower to kick-start the day or an evening shower to wash it away, HipFit has exercises designed to take advantage of your time in the shower. Granted, it can get a bit slippery in there so we’ve crafted two static exercises where you can plant your feet and still get a good stretch done. Safety first, right? These stationary stretches are a great way to elongate the large muscle groups in your legs and target the muscles in your chest. You’ll stretch your hamstrings and work your glutes with our stretch we playfully call “drop the soap.” Next, the walls of your shower stall provide a place to support your weight while you do the HipFit Shower Wall Chest Stretch. This one feels particularly good, first thing in the morning when you’re just starting your day.

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Brushing Your Teeth

Chances are, you’ve never considered the possibility that brushing your teeth twice a day can lead to better leg fitness, but we’ll show you how it really does! The bathroom sink provides an excellent platform for you to keep your balance while you’re doing your set of calf raises and single-leg forefoot balance exercises. The bright bathroom lighting and really big mirror provide everything you need to watch your form as you work on your squats. And you thought all you were doing was cleaning your teeth?!

How Brushing Your Teeth Can Lead To Stronger Legs

Gargling With Mouth Wash

You’re on a roll today. You’ve already stretched your arms and back, and strengthened your hand grip while doing the micro-workouts, sitting on the toilet. During your shower, you worked your glutes and exercised the large muscle group in your chest and legs. In case that’s not impressive enough, you did calf raises and squats while brushing your teeth. You’re almost out the door…. Almost.

As you straighten the bathroom and hang your towel, you still find time to get a quick gargle in for good measure. And for that, we have a challenging set of micro-workouts prepared for you. With a mouth full of mouthwash, you’ll do a set of vertical pushups against the bathroom sink. We’ll even let you spit before engaging your triceps with bathtub tricep dips, and working the butt, hips and thighs with a final set of bathroom squats.

Exercises While Gargling Mouthwash

Now you can turn off the bathroom light and close the door. You’re done- for now. Be proud of yourself. You’ve turned idle time in the bathroom into an energetic, productive whole body workout and it didn’t take one extra minute out of your day to get it done. That’s how we roll at HipFit!


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