HipFit  – Workouts for everyday life situations

HipFit brings you micro-workouts, stretches and physical therapy inspired exercises to relieve muscle pain, improve your fitness, flexibility, and range of motion.

Update! hip.fit beta app has launched!  Go to the overview page or directly to the web app here!


Many stretches and exercises require no extra time outside of your daily activities such as showeringbrushing your teeth or event sitting on the toilet. Whether you are working at your desk, relaxing before bed-time or sitting on your coach, we have routines for everyday life situations.

That’s not all, we got tips to improve your posture, prevent Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), fix “Tech Neck” and combat Upper Cross Syndrome.

Try different self-massage tools for releasing stiff & tight muscles.

Learn about the best, decent and worse sleeping positions.

Busy Mom or Dad with a baby or toddler? Try these workouts with your baby.

We have a lot more coming in the future. Enjoy everyday life with fewer aches and pain with our tips and exercises for everyday life situations.

Team HipFit.


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